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Peter Mapp is principal of Peter Mapp Associates, a specialist Acoustic Consultancy based in Colchester, England. The practice particularly specialises in architectural acoustics, electro-acoustics and sound system design, measurement and verification. The practice deals with buildings of all kinds but notably in facilities for the performing arts, conference centres, religious buildings and sports and leisure complexes. Peter holds an Honours degree in Applied Physics and a Masters degree in Acoustics. He has a special interest in speech intelligibility prediction and measurement and has given a number of papers on this subject both in the UK and Europe as well as in the USA. He is an internationally recognised authority in the field.

In recognition of this Peter Mapp has been invited by BSI to serve on a number of standards committees. These have included BS 6259, the general code of practice for sound systems and BS 7443 (BSEN60849), the standard dealing with Emergency Sound Systems and RASTI testing. He is also a member of BS 7594, the standard dealing with Deaf Aid Loop systems (AFILS) for the hard of hearing. Peter Mapp has lectured all over the world on sound system design and speech intelligibility testing, including Russia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia and most of Europe.

The practice also runs its own extremely well equipped electro-acoustics testing laboratory for product testing and review. This unique facility enables products to be thoroughly tested before they are specified, or tests to be carried out on special or 'one-off’ systems.

Peter is involved with many different types of sound system projects varying from concert halls and theatres to cathedrals, mosques and other religious buildings to power stations, transportation terminae and sports stadia. He is a past chairman of the Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers, and has served on the British AES committee chairing the conference on Sound Systems.

Peter is the author of the 'Audio System Designer,' an acoustic and electro-acoustics reference book, which in many countries has become the industry standard. He is also a contributing author of several other international reference books including: The Loudspeaker Handbook, Handbook for Sound Engineers, The Audio Electronics Reference Handbook and Acoustics in the Built Environment.

In 2003 Peter Mapp became the first UK recipient of the Institute of Acoustics ‘Peter Barnett Memorial Award’ in recognition of his extensive work and research in the fields of Electroacoustics and Speech Intelligibility. In 2005 he was elected to the College of Fellows of the Acoustical Society of America in recognition of his work on speech Intelligibility. In 2008, he was awarded Fellowship of the Audio Engineering Society in recognition of his work on Audio systems design and speech intelligibility.

Peter is the author of over 100 papers and articles concerning acoustics, sound systems design and speech intelligibility. He is also widely recognised for his research and practical approach to design and problem solving in these fields.

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