S & VC Articles

Author Date Title
Mapp, P. 2002 A World of Reflections. Sound and Video Contractor. (Sept 2002)
Mapp, P. 2002 The Measure of Intelligibility. Sound and Video Contractor. (April 2002)
Mapp, P. 2002 Intelligibility in the Boardroom. Sound and Video Contractor. (January 2002)
Mapp, P. 2001 System Equalisation.
ISCE Workshop. November, 2001.
Mapp, P. 1998 Loudspeakers and Microphones.
ISCE Voice Alarm Conference.
Mapp, P. 1997 BS 7827- The Consultant's Perspective.
ISCE Conference, London.
Mapp, P. 1997 Planning and Installing Loudspeaker Systems.
ISCE Loudspeaker Workshop, Birmingham.
Mapp, P. 1995 Acoustics the Final Frontier.
ISCE Seminar, Plasa.
Mapp, P. 1995 Equalising and Analysing Sound Systems.
ISCE Seminar, Plasa.
Mapp, P. 1995 Microphone Selection and Placement for Optimising Intelligibility.
ISCE Workshop, Induction Loops in Theory and Practice, St Albans.
Mapp, P. 1994 Public Address - Audio Power & Dynamic Headroom Requirements for Football Stadia.
ISCE Conference, Leicester.
Mapp, P. 1994 Speech Intelligibility.
ISCE Voice Evacuation Systems Seminar, London.
Templeton, D. &
Mapp, P.
1991 Rasti and the measurement of speech intelligibility.
ISCE BS7443 Conference, London.
Mapp, P. 1991 Measurement an Essential Tool.
ISCE Seminar.
Mapp, P. 1990 Equalisation and delay techniques and sound system design.
Hayden Warren Memorial Lecture, ISCE Conference Sound 90.
Mapp, P. 1987 Audio Induction Loop and Systems for the Hard of Hearing Conference.
ISCE Conference. February 1987.

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