Institute of Acoustics Papers

Author Date Title
Mapp, P. 2008 The environmental impact of PA systems in the Information Age.
IOA Noise Nuisance Conference, London.
Mapp, P.
Hales, C.
2007 How accurate are acoustic models and measurements?
IOA Reproduced Sound 23.
Mapp, P 2006 Measuring Speech Privacy – An Inverse Intelligibility Problem ? IOA Reproduced Sound 22.
Mapp, P 2005 An Incomplete and utterly unreliable history of speech intelligibility measurement - 21 years of Reproduced Sound and beyond. Reproduced Sound 21
Mapp, P 2004 Dumb microphones & deaf loudspeakers: The reproduction and measurement of sound. Peter Barnett Memorial Lecture, IOA Reproduced Sound 20.
Mapp, P 2004 Is STIPa a robust measure of sound system performance? IOA Reproduced Sound
Holland, K,
Mapp, P &
Newell, P.
2004 Modulation depth as a measure of loudspeaker low-frequency performance.
IOA Reproduced Sound 20.
Mapp, P. 2003 Frequency Response and Systematic Errors in STI Measurements.
IOA Reproduced Sound 19.
Mapp, P
Katz, S
2003 Layered Sound- A New Approach to Sound Reproduction.
IOA Reproduced Sound 19.
Mapp, P. 2003 Speech Intelligibility Measurement- The Current State of the Art.
IOA Autumn Conference.
Mapp, P. 2003 Measuring Speech Intelligibility in Classrooms with/without Hearing Assistance.
IOA Autumn Conference.
Mapp, P. 2002 An Acoustic History of Reproduced Sound.
An Invited Lecture at IOA Reproduced Sound 18.
Mapp, P. 2002 Further thoughts on Speech Transmission Index (STI).
IOA Reproduced Sound 18. Proc. IOA Vol 24 Pt 8.
Mapp, P. 2001 Improving the Intelligibility of Aircraft PA Systems.
Sound 17. Proc 10A Vol 23 Pt 8.
Mapp, P. 2001 Sound Power - The Forgotten Loudspeaker Parameter.
IOA Reproduced Sound 17. Proc 10A Vol 23 Pt 8.
Mapp, P. 2000 Getting the Message Across.
Lecture to IOA Eastern Branch.
Mapp, P. 1999 Measuring the future - a review of the state of the art electroacoustic measurement techniques.
IOA 25th Anniversary Conference, London. IOA Vol. 21, pt 3.
Mapp, P. 1999 Objective Speech Intelligibility Testing of Sound Systems.
IOA Vol 21 pt5.
Mapp, P. 1999 The Loudspeaker - Room Interface, some new perspectives.
IOA Reproduced Sound 15. Proc 10A Vol 21 Pt 8
Mapp, P. &
Ellis, C.
1999 Distributed Mode Loudspeakers in Sound Reinforcement System Design - Some case histories.
IOA Reproduced Sound 15. Proc IOA Vol 21 Pt 8
Mapp, P. 1998 Improving the Gain before Feedback Margin in Video-Teleconferencing and Closed Loop Electro-acoustic Systems.
IOA Reproduced Sound 14. Proc IOA Vol. 20
Mapp, P. 1997 Some Effects of Equalisation and Spectral Distortion on Speech Intelligibility.
IOA Reproduced Sound 13.
Templeton, D. &
Mapp, P.
1997 Acoustic Design for the Rebuilt St Augustine's Chapel, Tonbridge School, Kent.
IOA Vol. 19, pt 3.
Mapp, P. 1995 Investigations into Problems in Auditorium Acoustics.
IOA Vol 17, pt 1
Mapp, P. 1993 PA Systems for Entertainment and Public Safety. Lecture to IOA Eastern and Northern Branches.
Mapp, P. 1992 STI measurements in stadia. IOA Reproduced Sound 8.
Mapp, P &
Barnett, P.
1991 The Effect of Noise on Speech Intelligibility. IOA Vol 13, pt 7 (Reproduced Sound 7)
Mapp, P. 1991 Safe with Sound. Lecture to IOA London Branch.
Mapp, P &
Barnett, P.
1990 Audio Power and Dynamic Headroom Requirements for Public Address Systems in Stadia. IOA Vol 12, pt 8 (Reproduced Sound 6).
Mapp, P. 1990 Speech Intelligibility Measurements - What was the Answer you wanted? IOA Reproduced Sound 6.*
Mapp, P &
Doany, P.
1989 Recent advances in speech intelligibility and sound system design - Pt.2 Objective measurement techniques. IOA Reproduced Sound 5.
Mapp, P &
Barnett, P.
1987 The Role of the Electro-Acoustic Consultant. IOA Reproduced Sound 3
Mapp, P,
Barnett, P &
Oliver, J.
1987 The Multi-zone Sound System for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. IOA Reproduced Sound 3.
Mapp, P. 1986 Recent developments in sound systems design, technology and intelligibility assessment. IOA Reproduced Sound 2.
Mapp, P. 1985 Design and implementation of PA systems for difficult conditions. IOA Reproduced Sound 1.
Mapp, P. 1985 On the acoustics of domestic listening rooms and their effect on sound reproduction. IOA Reproduced Sound 1.
Mapp, P. 1983 Control Room Equalisation Techniques. IOA Studio Design for Sound and Television Conference, London.
Mapp, P. 1982 Electro-acoustic systems - A review of their uses, abuses and implementation. IOA Auditorium Acoustics Conference, Edinburgh.

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