Latest News


Latest News

October 2008 – IOA Measurement Conference

Peter Mapp will be presenting an invited paper at the Institute of Acoustics conference on acoustic measurements. The paper is entitled “The Future of STI and intelligibility Measurement”. Further conference details can be obtained from the IOA.

September 2008 - PLASA Exhibition London

Peter Mapp will be presenting a seminar on optimising Voice Alarm and PA Systems as a part of this year’s PLASA education programme.

July 2008 – Manchester United TV

PMA have been appointed as acoustic consultants for the new MUTV studio complex to be built at Old Trafford

June 2008 – Gatwick Airport

PMA have been appointed to design a new PA system for the International Departures Lounge (IDL) at Gatwick Airport. This follows on from the success of the system designed by PMA for the new IDL extension area which opened in the spring.

June 2008 – PMA at Covent Garden (Market)

PMA have been appointed to carry out an investigation into the acoustic conditions and noise from the street theatre performance sound systems at this historic London market and popular tourist attraction.

May 2008 - Audio Engineering Society 124th Convention, Amsterdam

Peter Mapp will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Assessing the potential intelligibility of assistive audio systems for hard of hearing and other users’
and participating in two workshops at the convention.

April 2008 – AES Fellowship

Peter Mapp was been awarded fellowship of the Audio Engineering Society in recognition of his work in the fields of Speech Intelligibility and sound systems design.

April 2008 - PMA in court with Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Peter Mapp appeared as an expert witness for RBKC and assisted them in winning their landmark noise nuisance case against London Underground.

March 2008 – London School of Economics

PMA have been appointed to carry out a review of the acoustics and performance of the sound systems in the university’s main lecture theatres.

March 2008 – IOA Noise Nuisance Conference

Peter Mapp will be presenting a paper on noise nuisance from PA systems at the above one-day conference.

December 2007 -  Sound & Communication Systems magazine

Commencing in January 2008, Peter Mapp will be taking over writing the “Sound Advice”  column in ‘Sound & Communications Systems’. This will be a monthly column in the USA based international magazine dealing with audio and video systems design and associated aspects. (For details of these articles, see the S&CS section of the PMA website).

November 2007 -  Audio Handbook update

Peter Mapp is updating and extending his chapter on speech intelligibility in the 4th edition of the acclaimed international audio reference book to be published in 2008.

September 2007 - PMA back at Thursfield

PMA have been appointed to design the sound system for the new exhibition and performance space at the Thursfield Collection, in Norfolk.This follows on from the successful acoustic design of the space that required that the Wurlitzer organ in the adjoining main auditorium be inaudible in the new space.

September 2007 - PMA appointed for East London Line Railway project

PMA have been appointed to design the PA systems for 10 stations for the first phase of the East London Line railway project. This includes the design of 4 completely new stations at Hoggerston , Hoxton, Dalston & Shoreditch.

July 2007 - Syn Aud Con Equalisation Seminar

Peter Mapp will be back in Salt Lake City in July where he will be a co-presenter of a 3 day seminar on sound system equalisation.

 June 2007 - ASA 153rd Meeting Salt Lake City

Peter Mapp will be presenting three papers at the ASA meeting in Salt Lake City. The papers range from the acoustics of buildings for pipe organs to the development of new measuring techniques for trouble-shooting room acoustics. Full details can be found on the ASA website and PM papers section.

May 2007 - AES 122nd Convention Vienna

Peter Mapp will be presenting a paper at the AES  Convention titled New Techniques for Measuring Speech Privacy & Efficiency of Sound Masking Systems.

February 2007 - Mersey Tunnels – PA System Investigation 

eter Mapp Associates have been appointed to carry out a review of the emergency PA system installation in the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels. The tunnels are each over 3 kilometres long and require intelligible PA announcement capability throughout.


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