Acoustic Services


Acoustics - Services Offered

  • Acoustic Design of Auditoria, Lecture Theatres, Council Chambers, Presentation Spaces and Music Rooms etc.
  • Acoustic Design of Educational/Religious Buildings
  • Acoustic Design for Sports and Leisure Facilities
  • Setting of Design Criteria
  • Recommendations for Surface Treatments
  • Computer Modelling of Spaces and Predictive Analysis
  • Recommendations for Remedial Acoustic Treatments
  • Measurement of Reverberation Time
  • Measurement of Early Decay Time
  • Echo and Reflection Analysis
  • 3D Waterfall Sound Decay Analysis
  • Measurement of Acoustic Clarity, Definition, Centre Time and "Early to late" Sound Ratios and Energy Fractions
  • Measurement of Speech Transmission Index and Rasti
  • Measurement of Modulation Transfer Functions
  • Assessment and Design of Office and Commercial Spaces
  • Assessment of Noise Intrusion and Breakout
  • Assessment of Speech Privacy between Offices and Spaces
  • Environmental Acoustic Impact Assessment

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